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Z3 Launch.


— Creative Direction
— Art Direction

— Los York




Embracing color and contrast to launch Motorola's flagship device.


Motorola approached Los York to develop, direct, and design a campaign to launch their new flagship phone, the Moto Z3.

The brief was simple - how do we showcase the beauty, functionality and quality of the phone whilst retaining that Motorola vibrancy? Our answer lies in what sets Motorola apart from other brands; Color.

Leveraging their colorful brand palette to set them apart from the competition, we developed a new visual identity from the ground up to showcase the Z series phone. Once we had established an ownable territory, we rolled this out into content across print, animation, and live-action storytelling.  The resulting campaign was aired across TV and social and became Motorola’s most viewed youtube campaign ever, racking up almost 60 million views and reintroducing Motorola as a contemporary player in the smartphone market.