In 2013 we were asked to develop a top-down redesign of BT's on air Identity. 
This was previously known as BT vision, however it was to be re-aligned with the main BT identity and would now incorporate the BT Orb.

As well as creating a full set of stings, and a long form ident, we also created a comprehensive on-air package. This consisted of a modular kit of parts that can be customised for any show or event, whilst keeping the same unified look throughout. We developed a 'tab' motif to show each genre, with a specific colour for each - which is then used in the transitions of all type - reinforcing the idea of choice and navigation. 
Finally, we worked on a complete design overhaul of the UI, creating a new, darker, slicker look to tie in with the rest of the identity. 

Created at Weareseventeen 2013

Role: Design, Art Direction, UI